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Yoshiyuki Sakurai
Da Capo II, Da Capo: D.C. I & II P.S.P. OVA Character
Gender Male
Family Sakura Yoshino ("Mother"), Otome Asakura (Older sister in DC II)(Wife in DCII Dearest Marriage) Yume Asakura (Younger sister)
Occupation Student
Anime Debut The Season of Small Love
Seiyu Mikado Sumeragi (game, regular), Rina Misaki (game, child), Shintaro Asanuma (anime)

'Yoshiyuki Sakurai' (桜内義之 Sakurai Yoshiyuki) is the protagonist of Da Capo II as the student of Kazemi affiliated junior high class 3-3. He is the son that Sakura and Jun'ichi never had, brought into existence by the new unwilting sakura tree. He is a guy also.

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