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Nanaka Shirakawa
Da Capo II
Da Capo: Girl's Symphony
Da Capo II: Imaginary Future
Gender Female
Love Interest Yoshiyuki Sakurai
Occupation Student, singer
Anime Debut Da Capo II: "First Lesson"
Seiyu Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese), Myū Nonaka (English) (game), Minori Chihara (anime)

Not to be confused with Nanako Saitama

Nanaka Shirakawa (白河 ななか Shirakawa Nanaka) is the student of Kazemi affiliated junior high class 3-2 who is the school idol.

Alongside Jun'ichi Asakura and Suginami, Nanaka is also appeared in Da Capo: Girl's Symphony.

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Nanaka likes singing, but not in front of others and Nanaka is the lead singer of the school band together with Koko Tsukishima her childhood and her best friend who places the bass. Like Kotori Shirakawa in the previous game, she has the power to read minds (due to a wish granted by the magical sakura tree), but only when she is touching the person whose mind she wants to read. She starts to fall in love with Yoshiyuki Sakurai when he starts being genuinely worried about her and helps her when she is picked on by other girls for playing with guys' feelings (even though those are just jealous rumors). Later she finds out he was worried about her not because he liked her, but because he saw her as a good friend.


  • Nanaka's surname Shirakawa means "white" (白) (shira) and "river" (河) (kawa).