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Da Capo: Girl's Symphony (D.C. Girl’s Symphony~ダ・カーポ~ガールズ シンフォニー) is otome game spin-off of Da Capo series.


The story takes place around the same timeline as Da Capo II. Shio Koujou is a high school girl living with her older brother, Takaaki while their parents are abroad on business. They live a peaceful life, although Shio has a secret. One day, twin brothers, Ryouhei and Kouhei, and their older brother, Aoi, transfer to her school.


Main Characters[]

  • Shio Koujou
  • Ryohei Shinomiya‏‎
  • Kouhei Shinomiya
  • Aoi Shinomiya
  • Takaaki Kojou‏‎
  • Kei Shinomiya
  • Ryuunosuke

Supporting Characters[]