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Da Capo: Side Episodes are a series of bonus episodes that go along with the original Da Capo anime.

First Season

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Side Episodes

# Title Air Date
1 Side Episode 1 (Episode 8) August 23, 2003
Nemu, Miharu, Kotori, and Mako share some scary stories and folk tales.
# Title Air Date
2 Side Episode 2 (Episode 9) August 30, 2003
A day in the life of Nemu, through Jun'ichi's eyes.
# Title Air Date
3 Side Episode 3 (Episode 10) September 06, 2003
During a day at the beach, Kotori meets an unusual stranger.
# Title Air Date
4 Side Episode 4 (Episode 11) September 13, 2003
Sakura makes a video for her American friends, and meets the stranger at a soba restaurant.
# Title Air Date
5 Side Episode 5 (Episode 12) September 20, 2003
Yoriko ventures outside during the day, finding an (unusually) affectionate Utamaru.
# Title Air Date
6 Side Episode 6 (Episode 13) September 27, 2003
Miharu the android experiences new things online.
# Title Air Date
7 Side Episode 7 (Episode 14) October 04, 2003
Moe finds fascinating (and at times, deadly) sea creatures at the beach.
# Title Air Date
8 Side Episode 8 (Episode 15) October 18, 2003
During a heavy rainstorm, Nemu and Mako take shelter in an old, dilapidated house.
# Title Air Date
9 Side Episode 9 (Episode 16) October 25, 2003
Yoriko ventures outside again, this time at night.
# Title Air Date
10 Side Episode 10 (Episode 17) November 01, 2003
Nemu, Moe, and Mako follow a strange being into the forest and become lost.
# Title Air Date
11 Side Episode 11 (Episode 18) November 08, 2003
The stranger has a flashback vision of his youth in Hatsune-jima, at an abandoned shrine.
# Title Air Date
12 Side Episode 12 (Episode 19) November 15, 2003
The stranger sees a montage of the previous Side Episodes in an abandoned movie theater, then a flashback of his parting with Yoshino.
# Title Air Date
13 Side Episode 13 (Episode 20) November 22, 2003
The girls (sans Yoriko) decide to find the stranger that Sakura calls "Fushigi-san".

Second Season

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