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Da Capo: Second Seaon Character
Gender Female
Love Interest Jun'ichi Asakura
Family Sakura Yoshino (Unknown)
Occupation Magician, student
Anime Debut Da Capo: Second Season "Two Years Since Then..."
Seiyu Ui Miyazaki

Aisia (アイシア, Aishia) came to Hatsunejima to study magic with Sakura Yoshino's grandmother with her hopes crushed upon hearing that she has already died. Although she has knowledge of how to use magic, her control of her capabilities and her judgment are, at best, erratic. She firmly believes that magic can and should be used for the good of all, something her own grandmother always practiced. Her presence and antics were mentioned in D.C.II, making D.C.S.G./S.S. part of the official timeline. She also appears as a character in D.C.II. P.S..

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  • The name Aisia means "living, prosperous" in Arabic.